Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chords of Life
Sometimes there is no music in music, except for a passion. I must say that this film is developed from a fear I have, of losing control over my hands...my body. Here my protagonist is inspired by his father's music, rather his passion in spite of parkinson's disease that keeps him away from his passion. There is silence in music...that makes the music. In fact, I strongly believe that music is a collection of notes placed over silence. The same way for me, film is nothing but a collection of visuals placed over a dark, blank space.

I use to close my eyes and sit silent imagining myself standing in the shoes of a blind man. May be that is the worst fear I can ever have. There is always a thought lurking in mind- what if one day the whole world become an alien land for me where things and places seems yet to be discovered. What if my favorite colors say adieu to my vision. !!! What if one day the darkness of a movie hall moves on to the screen too...IThis fear gave me some good short film characters who remained blind. I am blamed of brewing such characters in most of the short films. I guess my addiction to nature naturally leaves me scared of such a situation.

“Chords of life” is a short film developed on a similar fear but not about losing vision...but on an inability to control body. It's about Parkinson's disease. I use to think what if one day I end up being in such a state that I’m unable to hold a camera or focus my eyes on something. Well, I’m sure that would never be the full stop of my story. But definitely there can a pain on the inability to retain an admired art. “Chords of life” is a film about the passion of a guitarist for his instrument. It’s about two generations. It’s about inspiration. It’s about all of these.
Though I wouldn’t mind watching a hopeless end in film, I can’t think of doing such a genre. I would rather leave a spark for survival. Here the spark is passed from one generation to the next. Here we see the son getting inspired.

Thanks to Satchin, Sachin, Agnetha, Nithya and Alan who helped me in realizing this film. It was wonderful working with u guys. I strongly believe that Satchin's music made a big difference coz unlike any of my previous short films music plays the lead here. It's always fun to work with amateur talents. I'm sure that this is the first time Sachin as well as my cousin Raghul who did the videography, actually touched a camera. Agnetha is new to acting and for Satchin, this is his very first music composition. I guess with this film once again I'm glad to prove that amateur mindset work wonders.

Thanks again.
Warm regards,