Monday, August 30, 2010

Alter Ego

Memories of certain moments murmured the meek melancholy of life, marking mind many miles apart by months. I am moving on... Dear September, as u scorch beside my windowpane, prayers and promises that peeped in heart by peppy days dated last December seems as dry as dust vanishing way away with the winds whispering something strange, weird and wise. The fine and the insane inside, at the same time, together gather grey grains, reality gifted for gain. Where there was an untameable toddler, some saw the statue of an immobile old man with wings cut, eyes shut. Hatred is that level of love, when love is little hated.
Walking one step ahead of the agony of existence, I encountered the real pleasure of existence… With u… I go… Alter ego... As you are right, so am I ! Breathing on the feeling of your warm breath caressing my cheeks as your rosy lips seeking my lips and touch of finger tips, seeing an unseen eye understanding us up, deep and clear... well wide as sea… Call it nature or destiny… Care not to see it so tiny to deny… Whilst they hugged that 'named someone' in me, you smooched that ‘nameless no one’. Let me slide, slip in, hide and sleep between your chest as him, that nameless no-one, who I am. Kisses... u know where it is… Love you love.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Copenhagen to Cape Town

Glad to hear that my paper boat is still continuing a successful sail to places with the message of global warming scenario. The film is on its way to Cape Town, South Africa. To be honest with you, until the film won the prize at Copenhagen Climate Change conference, I was never been an environmentalist - though I was always been an admirer of nature. It did hurt me a lot when the trees were cut down at G.N Chetty Road, T-Nagar in Chennai city where I was working. I have experienced the impact of trees on the atmosphere just by living in MCC during summer. The climate inside the 365-acre forestland where Madras Christian College stands is much different when compared to the city outside the campus, during peak summer. The very moment you step into the campus there is a peaceful chillness that gets sucked into your spine and if it is windy, it will give you Goosebumps.

While doing the film, I never thought that the film could have this reach to these many hearts with the message, we believed in. Thanks a ton for the cast and crew for the support and the 1minutetosavetheworld team for taking it to places. The latest news I received from the team is that ‘My Paper Boat’ is on its journey to Africa. The film is now selected as the opening film at Southern Youth Film Festival at Cape Town, South Africa. I will also be performing a different task in my life that I have never done before - being one among the judges for the film competition for this year by .Hoping to witness some fantastic films in a third persons eye.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

After getting a job !

After Getting a Job, was screened at Northern Film and Media, Studio 3 on June 8th as part of Concept Film Night by Institute of Digital Innovations by Teeside University. Special Thanks to Peter, Manoj, Tanweer, Dewanigi, Naveen, Jijo Chettan, Allison and others in the cast and crew who made this film possible. It was nice talking to the audience on the film and the process by which it was made – How the film was evolved from the silly dreams we all have as Immigrant students in the UK. The reason for keeping names of the characters of this film as the real names of actors – Arun, Tanweer, Manoj and Dewanigi – was deliberate in the objective of bridging a link between the fact and fiction. A lot of immigrant students in UK did share their own silly little dreams ‘After Getting a Job’ before the making of this film and after seeing it. Three things that I admired about the Concept Film Night this time was watching some real good movies, sharing thoughts with their directors as well as audience and some interesting remarks I heard about 'After Getting a Job' from young people who attended the event as part of the community group Humanah. During the break the young people shared with me their dreams ‘After Getting a Job.’

The film talks about the dreams of four immigrant Indian students in the UK, that they want to realise 'After Getting a Job'. As they decides to make a film about their situation they also realises that they can fulfil it only 'After Getting a Job.' I am waiting to a buy a new camera to do high quality film ‘After Getting a Job’...