Friday, December 18, 2009

My Paper Boat at Copenhagen
A selection of films were chosen by Millenium Arts to screen on their giant CO2 CUBE, these are being shown daily throughout the 2 week conference. They look amazing on the 8.2m x 8.2m x 8.2m cube that sits on the lake in the centre of Copenhagen a powerful visual representation of the size of a ton of carbon. read more...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Our 'Paper' Boat

My Paper Boat

Glad to know that ‘My Paper Boat’ is sailing successfully to some thinking minds propagating the message of global warming, climate change, drought & displacement. ‘My Paper Boat’ is a simple short film I did with my friends for a competition conducted as part of Copenhagen Climate Change Conference to be held in UK. All the world nations are expected to sign a treaty taking the vow to diminish the Carbon emission for a better future. Today we are quite proud to know that the film is selected as the best film for screening at Copenhagen to convey this message to an international crowd.

On behalf of our little cast and crew, I would like to thank the contest organizers, the judges, the sponsors and the viewers for accepting this video. Glad that it could reach to this rank. Yet, more than winning this competition, we are quite happy being a part of this event - rather this movement- reaching lot many like minded people, propagating a good cause in the simplest manner possible. As many of you commented, this might not make huge changes but we are sure that it can definitely trigger a thought for all thinking minds.

The video is hosted in the site

Through this video we are trying to present a possible state of displacement one might have to face in future because of changing climate. The whole scenario is visualized in a simple manner with the mannerisms of a child with his ‘Paper Boat’.

I remember my childhood in Kerala, with my sister and friends throwing paper boats in water during the monsoons. We used to be ready with the boats waiting for the rain to hit the ground. While doing a documentary film for NFSC, mentioned in my previous blog, I almost saw this kid in my mind. My friend Deepu Charles triggered the idea of Paper Boat and together we made the concept note. Later buddy Sachindev helped me find the boy ‘Arjun’ for the video. Kiran and Sachin helped me with whole process of shooting. Thanks to Susan and Rayson who helped us with the camera, so that we could finish the shoot in almost negligible budget.

My Paper Boat is the story of a little boy; we keep meeting somewhere or rather everywher e in the heart of India. He lost his play space due to the drought. He is now confused on where to leave his paper boat. So he is looking around for various means to make it move. For him, the hot sun is the villain who took off his comforts, but we know the reality. He is still on his search for an option. The protagonist here represents the displaced population due to global warming.
Interview with the crew

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