Monday, August 30, 2010

Alter Ego

Memories of certain moments murmured the meek melancholy of life, marking mind many miles apart by months. I am moving on... Dear September, as u scorch beside my windowpane, prayers and promises that peeped in heart by peppy days dated last December seems as dry as dust vanishing way away with the winds whispering something strange, weird and wise. The fine and the insane inside, at the same time, together gather grey grains, reality gifted for gain. Where there was an untameable toddler, some saw the statue of an immobile old man with wings cut, eyes shut. Hatred is that level of love, when love is little hated.
Walking one step ahead of the agony of existence, I encountered the real pleasure of existence… With u… I go… Alter ego... As you are right, so am I ! Breathing on the feeling of your warm breath caressing my cheeks as your rosy lips seeking my lips and touch of finger tips, seeing an unseen eye understanding us up, deep and clear... well wide as sea… Call it nature or destiny… Care not to see it so tiny to deny… Whilst they hugged that 'named someone' in me, you smooched that ‘nameless no one’. Let me slide, slip in, hide and sleep between your chest as him, that nameless no-one, who I am. Kisses... u know where it is… Love you love.

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