Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Lost PAge- 46

( It's the lost pAge No. 46 of an unknown book of an unknown writer)

My books are there in every nook and corner of the world. Every home, office, school, kindergarten, butcher shop, temple, bank safe… even a thief’s most trusted carry bag has at least one of my works. From the kitchen to the toilet, these holy books are there to shower the blessings. I am so glad that even the waste baskets have them in plenty, especially my girlfriend’s. I treat it as the symbol of her affection for me and my works. She says that I am her baby. I wonder whether she discovered my works as the dippers on which her ‘baby’ shit. And she is always there for her baby to change the dirtied ones and put new. But do you know, I am still naughty, I still write, even on a dipper, so that my girl will come again and again and change it with love.

Sometimes I really feel that she is also unique. I never treated her as an angel from the heavens or someone who can be titled as ‘the queen of my dreams’. I might have all these quotes for many others, but not her. They all make me dream about love, which I can hold back only for her, which I never told….neither she…! I don’t want a ‘Queen of my Dreams’. I need the real ‘Lady of my Life’. Because of the one who can be considered as the reason for which I am still real, original and I remain as me for ever. She is the one who brings me back from the world of illusions or the dreams which others create for me. When she is some where around, I can feel her warmth, her breath, her touch. Her touch can do miracles. One kiss can make me mad for her. And if I die this moment she would never shed a tear from her eyes because she knows that I hate her cry. But she has to die first, that is my dream. I want to give her a sound sleep on my laps till she touches the heavens. Then I would die, one day, with those dreams and memories about her till her last breath, with the satisfaction that she always remained happy as my guide and companion, with a hundred prayers, a thousand red roses and a million kisses that I can dream of to give her in my next birth. My heaven is with her and the human life cycle would give me a better ride to have another birth to make her happy again and again for ever. I love her so much; I need her with me every moment…Her touch is my strength. I know that she too thinks the same about me. But still we have to be more practical facing the ups and downs of the strong, strange waves of the ocean called life. Life is the ocean, love is the boat and she is the light. She is unique, ‘The Lady of my Life’.

It is a well known fact that I am a branded flirt. But I am happy that I still maintain my barriers. She is my only beauty. I don’t understand why I love you so much, girl! Anyway, I am little bothered about that ‘why’. Do you know why? The day I shall start searching the reason, my world and that word will lose its colour and charm. I may sit here for another century watching its flash, just to realize the fact that it is still hesitant to reach you, remain with you. I use to tell her that there is a special room reserved for her in my heart, a special room with the windows facing the classic peaks of Himalayas and the door facing the waves of Arabian Sea.

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