Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Green unplugged
Glad to inform you that an experimental short film titled “In Search of Peace” (Duration 27.53), is selected by an online filmfest by Culture Unplugged.
It is dream come true film, where we tried simplicity as the form of story telling. The story is told in a light manner with the least of everything. There is only one character and the nature and its symbols as silent characters. There are very little dialogues and less than a minute of music at the end with absolutely no special effects. The pace of the film is kept slow and the sound of nature recorded from the location was kept the maximum.

I have not done any kind of adjustments or compromises from the time the story was conceived in mind. In fact the location itself was dreamt much before I went in search of it. I visualized the film in the pace which it is actually done. When I send this film for a Fest in Chennai, they asked me to cut it short to 15 mins and increase the pace of it, which I think would have killed the beauty of it. There I opted to take it out from the fest.

Today I’m thankful for the www.cultureunplugged.com team for providing me with an online platform to share this concept with all of you.

Please try to see it concentrating on the sound of nature. And if the climax of the film is not bringing a piece of peace….please feel free to hit the Director :). Thanks to Indrajith, Rayson and the entire crew for helping me in realizing it.

The background info on the film is placed in the blog on the same, written on Dec 2007
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