Sunday, August 30, 2009


It wasn't my first trip to Pondy, probably the second or third but surely the best of all. A German friend, Kerstin was there doing a one month course in Tamil language. After a talk on phone I decided to take the bus to Pondy on the same weekend to meet her. In both my previous visits I haven't had a chance to experience the beauty of the land. And for her, it was her first visit. We hence planned to roam around the city exploring the known and unknown. Now this post isn't anything about our journey, it's all about a little adventure I did coz I still experience the sound of waves so loud, clear and wild in my ears.

The day I reached Pondy, we both walked through the French area checking out the buildings and the main sea-side nearby, talking about her research work, my documentaries and so on. Almost half a day went in that and by evening we had a nice South-Indian dinner. Btwn, she is a pure vegetarian and loves true South-Indian flavors and dishes. At night around 10.30 I went back to the bus depot side to find a room to stay and she went back to her place. Almost all the lodges were booked and the only one available had a room till next day early morning 7.They gave it to me for a cheaper rate on the condition that I must leave early in the morning which was pretty much Okay for the Vagabond. I informed her that we would meet by 9 AM in the morning. Well Pondy without a beer is an utter nonsense as they say. So I grabbed one for the sake of Pondy, otherwise I don't think in past 4-5 years I ever drank to go off the mind but to celebrate a moment with close friends. I am equally not okay with 'washing a pain' with beer to rather facing it. Another reason for my love for a beer is that I enjoy food with it.

There were no chirping birds to wake me up. But I still woke up from an unknown world of dream at 5 AM listening to mobile alarm, had a quick bath…checked out from the lodge and went to the sea-side. Probably I was the only visitor so early there except for the routine joggers and some dogs. No sound from the roads and the streets…the sea was hence so loud. The wind and wave together played the sonata. The waters kept splashing on the hard rock with the great rhythm of hard rock. Some people may say it's of their pain but I felt it of their joy. Rocks, hence always clean by the touch of current sheltered many crabs black in color true to its habitat. On the same day at ‘Paradise Beach’, we found quite a lot crabs in the color of sand in the sand-bed. Golden rays of sun peeped out of the horizon galvanizing the paradise of human. The mood was truly meditative. I don't know how many of you actually enjoy life...are addicted to life...mad about of life...crazy and wild about I am, for these small-little reasons.

I walked through the sea-side up and down listening to the sonata and reached near a sea bridge...a bit was blocked…looked like a restricted area. It was not me and the joggers alone busy there. Found a lot of fisher man down under the bridge with their morning catch, fishes and squids of various sizes. Suddenly I remember a day while studying in MCC when we went for a 'Turtle Walk ' through the beaches of Chennai at night tracing turtle eggs to protect it from predators of dark. Early in the morning we were asked not to walk in front of the fishermen boats getting ready to sail for their hunt of survival because they consider it as a bad Oman. The fishing happens mostly ..early during the day-break. Well, that story of turtle walk is of the scope of yet another blog post. So I'm coming back to the saga on Pondy.

The sea-bridge was so tempting to climb. From that distance it looked so exciting…stretched towards the sea with the sea on all the three side. For a moment I dreamt of standing at the extreme end… or rather sitting there at the edge stretching my legs to the sea. They say, Sagittarians are a confused lot as they have a serious problem in finding any difference between dream and reality. Dad always keeps questioning me for this attitude. Well what to do dad, I'm born Sagi...'I dream' is 'my reality'. I looked around for means to climb the bridge and saw some fishermen walking through the walls of the bridge on which it stands so high in the sea. A second thought hardly have any scope…natural instincts only works well with me. In a few minutes I was there up climbing the walls...quite slippery with the waves hitting it hard reaching almost to the height which I was walking. Kept clicking photos at every step... The roaring sea was so notorious and I am no swimmer. Thankfully the notorious salt water have had already made the surface of the wall so hard giving me great grip. I had to look around now and then to see whether there were any coast guards around. Just walked through the walls to the extreme end and reached a block were it’s mentioned water is steep...Strictly No Entry. But there was a ladder on that side to climb on top of the bridge...Basic Instincts worked again…I intruded in to that space and climbed the ladder to the top of the bridge. It was so exciting to see an open bridge so wide for me to walk. I walked like a king to the tip of it.

I guess I stood there for an hour the sea breeze…listening to the sonata of sea. By then sun was out in his golden shades romancing with the waves leaving me irritated for another man's glance over the sea. Water kept glittering-swinging, so soft and rhythmic. For a moment I felt that the bridge is also swinging like a cradle leaving me quite sleepy. Kerstin's phone

call got me back to the world I belongs to and hence got up and walked back. Suddenly I realize that to get out of the bridge either I have to take the same risky way which I climbed or to walk out though the other end of the bridge where the securities are standing. I can get caught as an intruder. Kerstin must be I thought I take the normal way towards the security...though I had no clue how to handle them.

Thank Gods...for my surprise the gate opened and a few vans came in...a film crew with the generator van and accessories for shoot. I didn't think much but waited till the vans stop at one place and people get down. Once they got down I joined them and then towards the main gate...and from there straight to the security. There were two of them. Before they could say a word, I asked “Anna (brother in tamil), is there a tea kadai (shop) nearby…long journey...I'm so tired”, with all authority and attitude I could act. Their face changed and politely showed me the direction out to the tea shop. Before any further question, I walked out...and vanished somewhere in the French area.

Kerstin was on her way towards the seaside and we met in between and continued with our small-little expedition in Pondy.... :).......Cheers.

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