Saturday, March 06, 2010

Windy winter hits my window,

Snowing steep and shallow,

Misty mornings, greedy noon,

Chilly nights and no full moon.

Love this city Newcastle

But a lot I miss back, it hassles.

Summer days at Chennai home,

Soaked in sweat, yet wet not lone

Sun so yellow red and hallow

Sandy beach and countryside

Guiding stars stay clear in sky high

Greener days grey-grainy nights, sigh!

Distance from my true essence

Distilled? Disturbed? Makes no sense!

Life is mystic, beautiful,

Love so keeps it dutiful.


Vani said...

Hmmm... Guess life sure is different there. I somehow always believed that every place, every city and town has a character, a life of it own, which after sometime sort of seeps into you and becomes a part of who you are. Which is why when you move to a new place, a part of you feels lost and always belongs to the place you left behind. And I'm sure New Castle will start seeping in to you soon too.
He he he.. I've done it again, the endless rambling. What i really wanted to say was loved the poem :)

Cockroach said...

Cheers :)

An Open Book said...

I love love love it kunjadeeeee

Cockroach said...

Thanks Nish :)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

me too love it kunjadeee :D been long i wrote ne poem.. ur inspiring me :) keep writing!