Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beachcomber

A short story narrated by my friends Alice and acted by Eugene. This is a chapter of omnibus film ‘Fish and the Yesterday Song’ by my artist friends Claire and Peter of Skimtone Studio with old people of Newcastle. I was been lucky to be a part this project helping them in shooting the film. I have also done the documentation of the process of making this collaborative process-led film.

More than the film, the unconditional love of each and every participant was a memory to cherish for this lifetime. Eugene and me shared quite a lot time cracking jokes and fooling around. Well, it was like getting a good friend whom I can relate very well. He too calls me his best friend now. Cheers dude. And definitely Alice, she is my sweet heart too. Love u guys. The film was a great effort of six months by Artists Claire and Peter. Kudos to the team. We all got so many hugs and kisses, which is precious than any awards or appreciation. Hope to make another film with the team.


Don said...

Just writing down what i felt while watching different short movies by you as a viewer.. in a word "incomplete" .

Cockroach said...

Hi Don thanks for ur comment. :)

Amal said...

I like the open-ended movies which leaves a lot to think than just closing down on a particular point. Such movies are complete only with the viewer's thought. So the incompleteness is intended I feel. Right Cockroach?

Btw, This one was shot very well!

Cockroach said...

I accept what u saying Amal. I like open ended films that doesn't spoon feed audience, rather such films consider them as an intelligent partner of creation giving them a wider canvas to think. Such film are like the modern art that has multiple layers than what u actually see. Art is important not the artist. I do agree.