Monday, December 13, 2010

To my sister

I'm here with my 100th blog with a special post for the one who I care the most... The one who remains my biggest support... and best companion... and a good reason for my very existence... My sister, Athira - Aakkutty, as I always called her. Missed you lots... on your engagement...

On one of the holidays days back at home during my graduation time in Hyd, using an old walkman, I recorded a song my father used to sing as a lullaby for me and Aakkutty. Since then, it remained with me whereever I have gone... With the sweet memories of this song, memories of our childhood is yet more strong...

My hearty congratz to you and Arun.


Arun Chettan

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s h i l p a said...

I was on Google, to check about Parijaatam and stumbled upon your blog..

It was good reading your memories and later was trying to listen to your childhood lullaby by your father and was disappointed to know that it is a private video :S