Thursday, June 02, 2011

Value: 30 Silver Coins

John 6:64

"Yet there are some of you who do not believe.” For Jesus had known from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray him.

…all on a sudden, a serene beam of morning light saw its way in through a tiny keyhole on top of the jail room bleaching his wide open eyes contributing him a meek moment of darkness yet again - for one last time - and then quietly punched a spark of unwanted hope of life in his quiet closed heart. It was clear that Jude could not sleep even a bit since the previous evening as the result of a long meeting with the jail warden. He became an inhabitant to that place many centuries ago as a middle-aged man and since then the time carefully sketched quite a lot rude art works on his forehead and his ever sinking skinny figure offering the status of old man. Lifetime imprisonment was the curse of destiny for his inhuman behaviour that resulted in the agony of millions of people for losing their only guiding star, while a different destiny, after very many years, seems to have decided to offer another fate for his changed mind. The warden’s words meant the same. The light that left them returned back to their lives as a miracle in just three days after his crime, and he who committed the crime was arrested and kept in jail for many centuries by curses. To be exact, 21 centuries passed for the world though he never felt the same.

He was more obedient to the air and environment of the jail and it was evident that the world outside its rock walls vanished from his mind without any hint. Or, in other words it can be identified as a choice he made for himself than living with all those curses and the pain of that wild sin he committed to his guru and friend, for some silver coins. Naturally, the moment he heard that the authorities decided to relieve him; an alarm sign rang so loud and clear cautioning him that he was then in the middle of an ocean where the waves behaved as uncountable thirsty tongues competing with each other to swallow him. He was always been free from any such illusion or illness like hope and ambition, but not anymore since the previous day.

Jude decided to follow the instructions of the beam of light and got ready much early and peacefully waited for the policeman to come and open the door. The one who came to perform that task was found least interested in his assigned duty. Yet he did it calmly. Jude followed him struggling with his skinny body to match the pace of his companion; while his mind went way back in time to those younger days he closely followed the guru of mankind preaching his vision and wisdom. While signing the documents in front of the warden his hands shivered. He realised that he even forgot his signature. Well, he never fancied that there could be a use of his signature like that anytime. The world outside is made of many such signatures agitating for ownerships, but not the world inside the four walls of the jail. Nature of the people is also like their signature, some straight, some bright, some harsh and some fit for trash. The policeman gave him the dress in which he walked in to the prison 21 centuries back. As it was left in some dark corner for that long time, it was shabby, torn and unfit. Yet he removed the prison uniform and wore the one of his promised freedom. The warden gave him a leather pouch with the 'famous money'- 30 silver coins. They seemed to talk something to each other. The very glimpse of it gave him immense pain than a gain. Yet he took it with a question and a promise at the same time,

“Can there be a corner in the world where they can be thrown and no one could search it back or remember it? If so....If this is the start, that is my destination.”

Finally the massive jail gate opened in front of his eyes.


As he took his first step out of the jail, he heard a call from a very familiar friendly voice he once followed so religiously. How could he forget it? He was been hearing it in his every single dream for past many centuries while in the jail. He feared it. His eyes filled with tears and they rolled out in uneven proportions over his cheeks covered by the marks of his old age.

He saw Christ in his long hairs, long beard and smiling face. The guru was still young, the same way he was first seen centuries ago. He was silently standing outside the jail for that many as centuries Jude was inside, spreading his hands waiting for that moment. Jude heard his heartbeats load than ever before. He felt that it was going to burst any moment. But before that he longed to reach guru’s hands. He realised that his legs were numb, yet he dragged his body with his only force, will. All on a sudden it rained heavily, but the sun stood right above his head brighter than ever before. In fact, that was his state of mind too. Jude struggled on the floor to reach the Lord. He found his shabby over coat heavy. So he tore it and threw it away. He fell naked like a baby. The only thing left in his hand was the leather pouch and the coins. He realised that he wouldn't be alive to reach that corner of the world he wanted to go and throw it. So he threw it there itself. Jude found his new destination as the hands of Christ and dragged his body on the floor towards him.

The moment he threw the pouch away, from somewhere, a stone came and hit his forehead. It was just one first, but in a few seconds there were many. A rain of stones soon covered his body tearing his skin. The blood gushed out and dissolved in cold rainwater. Sun faded behind a massive dark cloud. Behind Christ he saw millions of angry people with sacks of stones. Judas calmly closed his eyes, took his last breath away from his destination, whispering one last prayer ‘Jesus Christ’.

Christ turned back and looked at the furious people holding stones in their hands with burning eyes. He shouted,

“Whom are you doing this for? Don’t you all know that I forgave him even before his crime? Still, for many centuries you kept the stones safe in your hands waiting for this moment. Shame on you… You betrayed me, you betrayed yourself.”

Christ lifted Jude’s body in his arms and wiped the blood with his cloth and rainwater.They vanished leaving the people down, while they remained busy throwing stones at each other fighting for 30 silver coins.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the first short story that I learnt in my Pre degree English class.

I think the title was 'The face of Judas Iscariot', in which an artist who starts painting the life of Jesus, searches for an infant to pose as a model for baby Jesus and at last finds one with the most innocent and cute face.

Years later he is still searching for another model, a man whose face reflects all the cruelty & wickedness in his mind...Judas Iscariot.. and finally finds one.

when the painting got finished the model tells the artist, "sir you seems to have forgotten me, years back I had posed as infant Jesus"


Cockroach said...

I guess I've read that story somewhere. May be in Pre-degree itself. Don't remember exactly. Isn't its interesting the the good and the bad has similar names - Jesus/ Judas or Rama/ Ravana or Krishna/ Kamsa.

Good and bad looks like mirror images, which is true about life too.