Saturday, October 08, 2011

Medium: Acrylic paint

caksur unmilitam yena
tasmai sri-gurave namah

- Bhagvat Gita

I/Eye was darkened by the cataract of ignorance -
He/She painted ‘anajanam’ (medicine ink) in my eyes
Letting the light of knowledge enter my sight
Teacher, I bow to you…

I remember you Grandpa -
My first guru who wrote 'Hari Sri' on my tongue

Whether it is a tradition from yesterday, today or tomorrow, least bother, I believe that Vidyarambham is something that connects yourself to goodness of mankind. I respect the ideology of treating teacher and the supreme power as one and the same. In my memories I have my grandpa holding the fingers of toddlers writing hari sri. My Grandmom who suffered from Parkinson disease, for many years used to make us hold her shivering fingers tight to write Hari Sri on the day of Vidyarambham. Both of them were teachers by profession at Nadukkara School, Avoly. I guess, any tradition is good if it connects people breaking the barriers giving self respect and respect for others. I also remember grandpa traveling behind the scooter of a fish seller beside the fish basket, on an inactive 'Kerala Bandh' day morning to go to a temple for children who arrived for Vidyarambham. :) My childhood was a learning from him.

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