Thursday, January 12, 2006

The great Indian seers defined life as a mysterious monument of illusions, a memorandum of man’s expected visions. They never intent to say that life is not real, original, they just called it an illusion which means that life has to be treated as vague as an illusion because nothing will exist for ever. Live for today and dream of tomorrow, but never die for it because anything can happen, midway. You are real. Neither your existence nor the world’s existence can be an illusion. They never said that. Water in the pond is very real as well as an illusion, because it will dry up one day. Your life is real yet it is an illusion, since you have to change your physical form one-day and the mind will fly away joining another physical form . You have to live a life fully, enjoying every bit of it in your way. It is said that liberty is the freedom to live your life without infringing the freedom of others. I am as important to the world as you and your neighbor. I lost my vision too because I was always been a fortune seeker/sucker.

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