Friday, February 08, 2008

Film is the media that is capable of capturing all that is seen and experienced by its characters. Unlike text that requires a strong sense of imagination; visual media has the beauty of recreation and presentation of the same imagination. You can definitely argue that text provide you with a wider canvas of imagination while film cages you on a few forced set of frames and time that is purely the imagination of the creator. Well, I accept that fact. But the reach of the visuals and characters you see on screen have a greater impact on Human mind in comparison to his vague or vivid imagination. For example, today everybody sees Jesus Christ with a specific look in their prayers, which is purely the vision of an artist. If he wouldn’t have been done this task, we all might have had more scope of imagining him in different looks. In fact I remember, in my childhood, after watching the epic serial Mahabharatha by B. R. Chopra telecasted in India by national channel DD and UK by BBC, there were a lot many people who used to identify Sri Krishna by the look and smile of actor Nitish Bharadwaj.

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