Friday, February 08, 2008

……is a journey of two ends. One end speaks of “going forward” while the other says “leave behind.” The camera caught a man riding towards his living while his co-travelers were destined to leave their lives behind. Thus for him the way forward provides with the pleasure of a smooth ride of new hope where as for them it becomes a wild and wobbly journey towards the approaching disaster. Hardly have we seen in another person’s or objects point of view and this film is a deliberate attempt to design a point of view and pain. In this journey both the gain and the pain plays equal role.
The man of this journey is acted out neatly by my friend guide and companion, Rayson. The theme music of the film is also composed by him and I ‘m sure nobody would have identified the instrument he used for this task…an empty Pepsi bottle. Undoubtedly this music brought the theme of the film by creating the confusion whether it is a music piece or the sound created by a bird’s wing. Two of my very good friends Thomas and Anand joined me as my associates in fulfilling the task of shooting…and thus becoming a very encouraging and energetic team.

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