Thursday, March 06, 2008

Communication - Egos Vs Ethos

The idea of Communication is defined in manifold ways by many people at various point of time. Rather than the thought as a simple socio-cultural parameter this term had gained a scientific value with its mammoth need and utility to mankind. In fact there is no doubt in identifying it as the backbone of the structuring and growth of any society whether it is of human or of any other living being in the universe. The ways of communication alone varied from species to species - from time to time. Sound, action, text, visual etc…has been effectively used for years to perform this simple as well as complex task. A colony of ants to the new-media (Internet-telecommunication) social network by post-modern man utilizes the principles of communication for their day-to-day life.

Now it is the time for identifying communication scholars and scientists for new innovations in the structure of communication. Only a new innovation leads to a better innovation and hence living a natural life of survival alone cannot fulfill the need of time. It is quite interesting to see people running for their daily bread and gaining it. If the same person takes the same route and the same mode for the same quantity of bread for another ten days, it is ridiculous. Communication is also such an area where one shouldn't repeat the same mode and way for days and months.

Moreover communication has the power of creating unexpected ripples in the mindset of people and hence all that is communicated should be a right thought in a right way. We have advocates and doctors taking an oath identifying their profession as a responsible mission. At the same time a journalist, photographer or filmmaker is someone who comes to common man every other day propagating a thought or news. But while the service of a doc or Advocate becomes the choice of common man, the media person comes to him by default through his TV set or News Paper. This must be worst if the mode of communication is a repeated Ad film. It is like accepting anything and everything told by a priest because you tend to have a natural trust in him. Now don’t you think the oath of social responsibility is equally meaningful for a communication graduate?

Bagging a communication graduate tag and walk around sowing and reaping complication and confusion among people is not the aim of a journalist, PR- Ad executive, photographer or a filmmaker. He is not meant to work only for his daily bread. When I see myself or any of my communication friend’s money is an easy thing to gain. But identifying the profession of communication as a social responsibility is something different. You can see better actors among us who speak and think exactly opposite. The clash is mainly of egos and ethos. Hardly anyone feel themselves as a common man inside however he acts unnaturally outside as a man of real blood.

The society needs real good thinkers and innovators for good communication. The day when you throw away the timely pleasure of living for yourself thereby reading and reaching the pulse of common man you becomes a good communicator. You are made to propagate humanity and culture. Three Cheers for good Communication.

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