Thursday, March 20, 2008

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Arun Bose S
Ph: 0044 7865929837, Email:

Documentary films
Not a Drop of Rain – About 100 years of drought and lore in Kalahandi, Orissa. Produced by NFSC, Funded by Ford Foundation. Screened at NFSC.
Oh Tiraupati Listen – About the Mahabharatham festival of villages in and around Kanchipuram. Produced by NFSC for Kanchipuram Research Project by OSLO University, Norway. The film was well received at OSLO for a Workshop on Festivals.
Panguni Uttiram – About the Panguni Utiram festival celebrated at Ekambaranathar Temple, Kanchipuram. Produced by NFSC for Kanchipuram Research Project by OSLO University, Norway.
The Story of Mudugar – About the life of tribal group Mudugar
Moves, Blind Moves - About the life of a blind chess player, Dayalan,
Forever Heber - About the Culture and tradition of Bishop Heber Hall, MCC.
Man and Nature – Documentary film on Mannan Tribe, Kerala.

Short Concept films (Duration: less than 5 min)
My Paper Boat – Story of a little boy’s lose because of drought
The Artist – An artist’s stages of enlightenment and excitement.
Black/White/Brown – Celebration of equal opportunities.
The Butcher – A sad moment in butcher’s life.
Two ways together – A journey of two ends of life.
Is & Was – A definition for Man
Ups & Downs- A rat’s attempt to scale heights and falls.
Yours Truly – About a teacher and student.
Anthakshari – Celebration of diversity.
Mission Escape- A computer mouse trying to escape
Words – On the power of language.
Here we go – About inclusive society. Screened at Ability Foundation Fest.
V343 – A collection 3 funny short films
Chords of Life– A "Passion" statement.
Blue is Sky– A poetry on passion and love.
Face or Fall – A film on fear.
NextStop – A one min film on cruelty to animals

Short Films (less than 30 mins)
In Search of Peace – The story of an young man in search of peace.
My Mirror – A man’s life through his mirror’s point of view. Screened a fest by Multi-visual Academy

Ad/ Corporate Films
Men in Borland- Corporate Ad Film for Borland Technologies PVT LTD.
Corporate videos for Hexaware Technologies PVT. LTD.


Allison said...

Hi... You left me a comment a few months ago just returning it's been a while I checked out your blog aswell pretty cool..

susan's place said...

Hey Arun, nice seeing and going through your blog. The person I know and the person in the blog are shadows, I feel.